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Turkey Story

A great story I found in the Want it Done Right Journal (

The Turkey Story

A farmer was out in his field one day and found an egg. The egg looked different from any normal egg he’d seen in his life. Being fascinated by the egg, he took it to a friend nearby who owned a turkey ranch to see if his turkeys could possibly hatch it. They put the egg in the hen house with the rest of the turkey eggs. Sure enough, a turkey sat on the egg and incubated it.

Finally, the special egg hatched along with all the others. The bird that hatched turned out to be an eagle. But because the eagle hatched with turkeys, and he didn’t have a mirror to see what he looked like, he thought he was a turkey too.

He was a pretty smart turkey. He noticed that as his friends got bigger and fatter, they left and never returned. This happened every year around Thanksgiving and Christmas. So, as he noticed this, he decided he wasn’t going to let himself get big and fat; he was going to stay trim and in shape.

One day, as he was working out, he happened to be looking up in the air. He saw this big beautiful bird flying in the wind. “Mother! Mother! I want to fly like that bird!” She said “Oh, Son, that’s an eagle. That’s what eagles do. You’re a turkey. Turkeys don’t fly.”

The young eagle was content to believe his mother’s word - that he was a turkey just like all the rest of her children.

When he was older, he was out in the turkey yard exercising and stretching his wings, and he started to come off the ground. The turkeys yelled out: “Wait! What are you doing? You can’t do that! You’re just creating dust! Knock it off! You can’t fly!” So he tucked in his wings and acted like the rest of the turkeys. As time went by, the little eagle grew up to be a mature eagle. He never left the turkey ranch and he never flew. He grew old and died believing he was a turkey.

The moral to this story is: If you live with turkeys and listen to turkeys, you allow them to convince you that you’re a turkey. All of us are really eagles, but we may spend much of our time listening to and associating with turkeys. Until we believe in ourselves and develop our own “eagle” talents, until we make our dreams goals, we will be whatever other people tell us we are.

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